In the fierce competition of being the first to copy national trends, local restaurant owner Matt Louis of Franklin Oyster House and Moxy, has won the race in jumping on the newest shower-to-table movement that originated in Portland, Oregon.

Moxy’s No-Menu Monday will have a surprising new element – clothing optional.  “There’s really no better way to enjoy food than letting yourself be completely vulnerable. When you’re in that state, everything tastes better,” Louis chuckled.  “I mean, c’mon, we’ve all been in that place where we’re watching Netflix at 2am, naked on our couch, crying over our life choices, while eating an entire sleeve of Oreos. We do it because it feels good. It feels real, really good.”

Some members of the Portsmouth community have voiced their concerns via social media and a recent Letter to the Editor stating that this is nothing more than a publicity stunt and a dangerous one at that.  “There are already too many restaurants in Portsmouth.  My father helped build the West End as we know it today as well as volunteering thousands of hours over the course of his life to raise money for the Portsmouth Public Library. Naked tapas just doesn’t belong in our beloved city.”

Naked No-Menu Monday is slated to begin on Sept. 12th, right after Labor Day, when all the tourists start vacating our city.