Portsmouth High School students celebrated Quiet Reading Day today, which, a school spokesperson says has nothing to do with the fact that several top educators were spotted at the Daniel Street Tavern on Thursday evening celebrating into the early morning.

“Quiet reading, especially under dim light in a nice cool room, is a lost skill,” said Assistant Principal Shawn C Donovan. “We didn’t put it on the school calendar or announce it before this morning because we thought it would be a nice surprise for the students.”

Students reacted well to the change, for the most part.

“I like Silent Reading Day, but last Friday we had Silent Studying Day which feels pretty similar,”  said PHS student Henri Kavil. “We already have Meditation Mondays. I just feel like there can be some consolidation.”   

The announcement came on the heels of a rules change prohibiting students from opening jello anywhere near a PHS staff member, citing newly developed allergies on the staff.

“Ms. P definitely looked a little tired today,” one student said of the Science teacher who crushed “You Oughta Know” last night in front of a riotous crowd. “She said she was up late lesson planning. I don’t know why you need a lesson plan for Quiet Reading Day, but maybe she’s just getting ahead.”

Sources say multiple members of the staff have vowed never to stay up late lesson planning again.