momfrustratedAfter filling her trunk with plastic bags filled with toys for her two children, who were then screaming in the back seat after 20 minutes of trying to get their seat belts on and complaining that their hot chocolate is too hot to drink and their fucking donut doesn’t have enough goddamn Christmas sprinkles on it, local mom Andrea Vickles was reportedly scanning through the radio stations in desperate need of some Christmas music in hopes she might re-capture some of that holiday cheer she experienced as a young child.

With one hand on the radio tuner, she was observed taking a deep breath before whipping her head around and violently pointing at her children with her other hand, yelling in what an eyewitness called the most terrifying and surprising voice they had ever heard.
“It was definitely the most terrifying and surprising voice I’ve ever heard,” said eyewitness Charles Merrick. “It’s almost like she had two voices, like a higher one in front but this darker one behind it. You know how in Jurassic Park they layered sounds of construction equipment to make the TRex roar? It was kind of like that. I don’t even remember what she said but it was something about coal and stockings. I think she said ‘goddamn’, that’s when the kids knew she was serious”

This reportedly made her children cry even more, and people in the parking lot began to take notice.

“I don’t know why she was being so crazy,” said Bradley Smith, who witnessed the event with his girlfriend Whitney Potter. “When we have kids of our own, we’re never going to yell at them like that.”

“She should have just talked to them,” Potter added. “It’s the holidays. The holidays are no time to freak out.”

She was then observed to fiddle with the radio until Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer came on and the situation seemed to calm down a little.

“She took a deep breath and her eyes were still all glassy but that definitely seemed to lower the stakes a little bit,” said Merrick.

The kids began to sing along spitting donut on the upholstery, and Vickles seemed to smile and began to sing along as well.

“It’s like as though, for a second, she remembered what Christmas was all about.”