I just want to write and say how proud I am of our city. I feel out of all of the cities in this great country, ours is a shining example of what a city should look like and feel like. In a year filled with racial tension, vitriol, and hatred from every walk of life, I don’t see that in the streets of Portsmouth.  When I walk through town, I see happy busking faces in Market Square, beautiful flower containers, and a rich culture of art. 

Just this last weekend, I saw a black guy standing on the corner of State and Pleasant. He was 5’9”, average build, short hair, in a burnt orange sweatshirt, dark jeans, and black sneakers. I followed him all the way to his car parked in the Bridge Street parking lot (2014 Toyota Rav, contact me if you need his license plate) and not once did he get shot or die. Not.Once.  

When I saw he was just feeding his meter, I stayed on his tail, but he just ate at Jumpin Jays and went home. He was one of the good ones, and so were we all for not harassing him more.
Stacey Simons