News broke Tuesday of an alleged plot by the city cultural commission Artspeak, exposed by amateur investigative journalism of a group lead by former city councilor Esther Kennedy.

Kennedy and a group of concerned citizens, who recently made news for being historically bad at lawsuits, allege that Artspeak is a mechanism the city uses to funnel funds to secret interests around the Seacoast. The group says they managed to follow a digital trail of breadcrumbs to unearth a series of shell companies and subsidiaries Artspeak had set up to funnel laundered money, including city funds, elegantly and secretively.
A locally hosted website was what first tipped the group off, and the massive conspiracy was unearthed from there.

“I’m encouraged,” said Kennedy in crayon. “We’re finding out more and more. We looked at data in the hosting servers. Our IT experts uncovered a treasure trove of data using an industry tool called Yahoo Search Engine. They worked hard to cover their tracks, but we’re smarter than they are.”

No arrests had been made at time of deadline.