mime-kampfThe New Hampshire Film Festival comes to the Seacoast in a big way October 13th-16th with a schedule of more than 100 films. The festival will be celebrated more quietly at 3S Artspace, who have been selected as the official venue for Mime Films for the four day festival.

“We’re really excited that the committee has chosen our unique space for this experiment in genre,” said Beth Falconer, 3S’ new executive director. “The decision was made before I got here, but I can’t wait to see what these mime films have to offer our space.”

Selections to be shown at 3S across four days include “Mime of our Lives”, “A Beautiful Mime”, “A Mime to Kill,” and this year’s festival hit “Mime Kampf”, among others.

“I guess puns are a thing with these films,” said Martin Holbrook, Director of Operations. “It’s weird that there are so many films in this genre and that all of them are titled similarly. Still I’m sure this will be fine. Mime Kampf sounds pretty interesting, because of the Hitler angle.”

Mime films, or Mimecore as it is known among fans of the genre, has seen an explosion in recent years as video quality surpasses means of capturing high-quality audio without an experienced sound engineer. Films like “Rosemary and Mime”, “Out of Mime” and “The Land that Mime Forgot” paved the way for a new school of movement-based narrative on film that dozens enjoy.


“Mimecore brings in some really responsive crowds,” said Nicole Gregg, chair of the New Hampshire Film Festival. “Well, not responsive, and not a crowd per-se, but a pensive and respectful bunch of folk.”

“Honestly people will see whatever during this thing. Our bar will be open and we’ll be fine,” said Falconer, at the bar. “We’re really thankful to the New Hampshire Film Festival for this opportunity, did you get that down?”